Flexible Financing Options Make Solar Affordable.

Cash or financing? Many customers choose to pay for their solar system with cash, or use a home loan product.

Financing options in Rhode Island

There are financing options in Rhode Island to help pay for solar on your home or business.

Residential Property
Admirals Bank Renewable Energy & Home Improvement Lending    http://www.admiralsbank.com/
Blue Wave Solar    http://bluewavesolar.com/
Dividend $0-down Empower Loan    https://www.dividendsolar.com/
Green Sky Credit    http://www.greenskycredit.com/
Home Loan Investment Bank    www.homeloanbank.com/
Commercial Property
Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (CPACE)    http://ri-cpace.com/

Other Options

Talk with your financial institution to see what may be available.

Talk to Your Installer

Talk to your solar installer about what’s important to you and learn about the flexible financing programs that may be available to help you go solar.